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Welcome to Troop 410's web site!

Please note that much of our information is password protected to protect the safety and privacy of our Scouts.  If you are in this troop, contact an adult leader for access to more of this site.

Troop 410 Fundraiser

Troop 410 Fundraiser with Amazon

Would you like to pass your skills to the next generation? Do you have a skill or hobby to share?

Our Troop is always looking for parent’s ready to volunteer and sustain all of our high quality programs. Scouting has a long history of recruiting and retaining volunteers because they know they are making a difference in the lives of young people.

Boy Scouting is for adults as well as boys. We invite you to share your skills and interests so the best possible program can be developed for our Scouts. 

Please fill out the Troop Resource Survey and bring it to the next Troop Meeting or to a Troop Committee member (you can find us at the back of the hall during Troop meetings).  Or, contact us at:


  • Welcome to new Weblos!
  • Recent changes for Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, and Eagle ranks.  These are the new requirements we will be using. Printable version; put in your Scout Book.

Check out the calendar page for handouts and permission slips for upcoming camp outs! 

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